- How to Use Your UnitedHealthcare Account | (2024)

We all want health insurance that’s simple and easy to understand. And that’s what UnitedHealthcare aims for with myuhc. is an online member portal that allows quick and easy access to plan information for UnitedHealthcare plan members. Myuhc is available to members of the company’s health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid plans.

Here are some of the main actions you may perform on

Find a Provider

Locate UHC in-network doctors, medical specialists, mental health providers, hospitals and labs near you who accept your UnitedHealthcare plan.

Find a Dentist

Search dentists and dental specialists by name, specialty, reviews and more. Or simply view a directory of all dental professionals in your area who are part of the UnitedHealthcare network.

Find a Vision Provider

Find optometrists, ophthalmologists, private practice and retail chains and even online providers of eyewear who partner with UnitedHealthcare.

Find a Pharmacy

Look for pharmacies in the UnitedHealthcare network by name or geographic radius using a range of filters and other advanced search criteria.

What Else Can You Do With myuhc?

Beyond the four main actions described above, there are many additional things you can do at These include:

  • Get estimates for treatments and procedures
  • See which services and items are covered by your plan, including prescription drugs
  • Check for lower cost options that may be available
  • Print a temporary plan ID card to be used when seeing a provider
  • Review claims, costs and charges
  • View your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Monitor your account balances for HRA, HSA or FSA accounts
  • Take health surveys and earn rewards
  • Speak with an online health coach
  • Take advantage of health programs and discounts

Can You Access Documents and Forms Through myuhc?

Certain documents like your plan ID card and EOB may be accessed via myuhc.

You can also access and download member forms and documents, like those needed for filing claims, taxes, reimbursem*nts and more.

What Prescription Drugs Are Covered by My Plan?

You can use to check on your prescription drug coverage, and you may also consult the 2023 UnitedHealthcare Drug List.

The medications listed on this directory may be covered by UnitedHealthcare plans that include prescription drug coverage, but you should check with your specific plan formulary. Some drugs listed in the drug list may not be covered by your plan. The list is first provided according to drug type and then later on my alphabetical order.

You will notice in the directory that each covered drug is assigned a tier. Each tier warrants a different level of coverage according to your respective plan, with common, generic drugs receiving a different level of coverage than rare, name-brand medications.

What Items Can You Buy With the Food, OTC and Utility Bill Credit From UnitedHealthcare?

If you have a dual-eligible health plan from UnitedHealthcare, you can use your myuhc member account in conjunction with an OTC (over-the-counter) card. The credit can also be used to help pay utility bills.

A UnitedHealthcare OTC card is preloaded with credits that may be used to buy hundreds of health products purchased over the counter such as:

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Pain relievers, cough medicine and other medications
  • Bandages and first aid supplies
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Pay utility bills like electricity, gas, water and internet

You can use your OTC card to purchase healthy food options like fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, bread and much more.

UnitedHealthcare OTC cards are available to members who are dual-eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid and enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare Dual-eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP). Cards are accepted at a wide range of grocery stores and pharmacies throughout the U.S.

How Do You Create a myuhc Account?

Certain services on myuhc are accessible with no account needed. But to get the most of the experience and take advantage of all of the myuhc features, create your account by using HealthSafe ID and following the on-screen instructions.

Be sure to have your UnitedHealthcare plan ID card handy.

What Is the UnitedHealthcare App?

UnitedHealthcare also has a mobile app that offers a similar user experience as the myuhc website.

Just a sampling of things you can do with the UnitedHealthcare app include:

  • Find network-participating healthcare providers and hospitals in your area
  • Conduct video conferences with doctors
  • View and use plan ID cards
  • View claims and balances
  • Estimate the cost of certain services
  • Manage prescriptions and refills

The UnitedHealthcare app is available for both Apple and Android devices and is free in the App Store and Google Play, where the app has customer ratings of 4.7 and 4.5 stars, respectively.

Contact UnitedHealthcare Customer Service

UnitedHealthcare members can get in touch with representatives from UnitedHealthcare for help with their myuhc account or for any other questions regarding benefits, costs, providers and more. - How to Use Your UnitedHealthcare Account | (2024)
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