Everything to Know About The Voice Season 25 Finalist Asher HaVon (2024)

From here on out, The Voice is going live, setting the stage for an epic two-part Finaleon Monday, May 20, and Tuesday, May 21,to determine which Artist will stand alone in the final spotlight as the show’s big Season 25 winner.

How to Watch

WatchThe Voiceon NBC andPeaco*ck.

With every stunning performance throughout the whole competition, 31-year-old Asher HaVon has wowed everyone who’s been tuning in, running through a remarkable playbook of pop, soul, and R&B classics that’ve compelled some pretty amazed superlatives from the Coaches.

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“He could sing the phonebook and make it a hit,” praised Reba McEntire after HaVon’s powerhouse cover of David Guetta’s “Titanium” during the Playoffs… but thanks to his meteoric rise this season on The Voice, he’ll probably never need to.

Asher Havon Won The Voice Season 25

Asher Havon, the Alabama native, was the winner of Season 25 of The Voice. A member of Team Reba, Havon's performance marked McEntire's first win. Havon had one of the strongest voices throughout the series, and clearly broke out as one of the most popular performers.

Who is Asher HaVon?

Everything to Know About The Voice Season 25 FinalistAsher HaVon (1)

Asher Havon appears in Season 25 Episode 7 of The Voice Photo: Greg Gayne/NBC

Born in the history-rich southern city of Selma, Alabama, there was hardly a time —even in childhood —when Asher HaVon wasn’t singing. Raised against a backdrop of gospel music, HaVon got early encouragement from an elementary school teacher (via local paperThe Selma Sun) and from his mother (whom he still affectionately calls his “singing sergeant”), before earning wider attention in 2015 as the choir leader who performed for President Barack Obama in Selma to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches.

Right from the start, HaVon and his far-ranging vocal reach have been a hit on Season 25 of The Voice, earning a Three-Chair Turn (and an almost-immediate Turn from Chance the Rapper!) during his Blind Audition with his cover of Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain.” Though his fun and funky hairstyles kept changing with each performance that followed, HaVon’s singing has always remained rock-solid consistent.

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“There are certain things about you that remind me of Whitney Houston,” said John Legend —the only Coach not to turn for Asher during the Blinds —following HaVon’s stage-melting “Titanium” cover. “She would take these songs that weren't written for a soul singer and have that restraint and regal presence on the sound, but also throw in a dope run that you would hear in church. In church, we save a descriptor for certain vessels, we say they’re anointed. I just felt that anointing on you. That was divine.”

Asher HaVon’s singing journey on The Voice

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Asher Havon appears in Season 25 Episode 3 of The Voice. Photo: Casey Durkin/NBC

Asher squadded up with Team Reba from his very first performance on The Voice, and it’s McEntire he’ll still be representing as he takes the finale stage in the hopes of securing the two-time Coach (not to mention himself!) her very first victory on the show.

After his epic Adele cover in the Blind Auditions, HaVon has since powered through a soulful R&B and pop catalog that’s served up plenty of opportunities to showcase his amazing vocal runs. He cemented his place on the show as a serious contender during the Battles, edging out fellow Team Reba Artist Alyssa Crosby with a tag-team cover of Tina Turner’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero.”

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Even back then, McEntire knew she was working with someone special: “His voice is incredible, his style, his stage presence, he’s got the whole package,” she remarked after his Battles turn. “Asher’s got a good chance of winning.”

In the Knockouts, Asher beat out eventual Dan + Shay steal Tae Lewis with an ambitious cover of Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart,” and in the Playoffs, he turned in that oh-so-memorable performance of Guetta’s “Titanium” (the song that enticed Legend to compare HaVon to Whitney Houston). He’s branched out even further since the competition heated up for the Live rounds, achieving full-on smolder with a meltdown rendition of Boyz II Men’s 1990s classic “I’ll Make Love to You,” while showing off his killer versatility with subsequent covers of Coldplay’s “Fix You” and Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable.”

Asher HaVon and Reba McEntire sang "On My Own"

Reba McEntire rocked a chic updo and black dress for the performance, while Asher HaVon looked phenomenal in a black-and-white outfit. Of course, their vocals were out of this world with a breathtaking rendition of "On My Own" byPatti LaBelle and Michael McDonald.

.@AsherHaVon & @reba OWN #TheVoice stage with their showstopping duet to "On My Own" by @MsPattiPatti & @MichaelMcD_Real ✨ pic.twitter.com/pykgCRgjoU

— The Voice (@NBCTheVoice) May 22, 2024

What to know about Asher HaVon on The Voice Season 25 finale

Season 25 of The Voice has featured some truly top-flight Artists, but now it’s all come down to the remaining Final Five. There’s no margin for error in a group that’s as vocally gifted as the one Asher’s in — a group that also includes fellow Season 25 finalists Bryan Olesen, Josh Sanders, Karen Waldrup, and Nathan Chester.

Beginning with Keith Urban on Monday and continuing into the next evening, a whole music festival’s worth of awesome A-list singing talent is set to take the stage for the big two-part Season 25 Finale — plus last-minute live performances from the Coaches and Artists themselves (including HaVon, of course!)

Featuring the crowning of this season’s winner, accompanied by a giant lineup of celebrity guests and final-night performers that includes Lainey Wilson, The Black Keys, Muni Long, Jelly Roll, Thomas Rhett, Kate Hudson, and Season 23 winner Gina Miles,The Voice Season 25 Finale airs Monday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 21 at8/7con NBC, then streams the next dayon Peaco*ck.

Everything to Know About The Voice Season 25 Finalist Asher HaVon (2024)


Everything to Know About The Voice Season 25 Finalist Asher HaVon? ›

Asher Havon, the Alabama native, was the winner of Season 25 of The Voice. A member of Team Reba

Reba Nell McEntire (born March 28, 1955), or simply Reba (/ˈriːbə/ REE-bə), is an American country singer and actress. Dubbed the "Queen of Country Music", she has sold more than 75 million records worldwide.
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Reba_McEntire
, Havon's performance marked McEntire's first win. Havon had one of the strongest voices throughout the series, and clearly broke out as one of the most popular performers.

What does Asher HaVon get for winning The Voice? ›

Asher HaVon made history Tuesday night by winning season 25 of The Voice singing competition on NBC. Selma-born HaVon is the first Alabama native to win the show in its 13-year history, receiving a $100,000 prize and a record contract during the two-hour season finale Tuesday, May 21.

What happened to Asher on The Voice? ›

Asher HaVon marked a historic win as the champion of The Voice season 25. The Alabama native became the first openly LGBTQ+ singer to win the show in its 13-year history and secured Team Reba's first win.

How many chair turns was Asher? ›

HaVon was a three-chair turn on 'The Voice'

Why is John Legend leaving The Voice? ›

Legend, 45, has cited personal career goals as the reason behind his decision to step back from the show. Despite the “All of Me” singer's explanation, many fans on X (formerly Twitter) have expressed disappointment at his departure and the show's continued evolution.

What reward does the winner of The Voice get? ›

What does the winner of The Voice get? They receive US$100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group for winning the competition.

Do The Voice contestants get to go home? ›

After elimination, contestants have to leave immediately.

"Even with blind auditions, you spend weeks [training] with them and they're gone.

Who won season 25 of The Voice? ›

Asher HaVon was named the winner of the season, marking Reba McEntire's first win as a coach. With HaVon's win, he became the fifth African-American male to win the show. He was also the first openly LGBTQ person to win.

Who won the 2024 voice competition? ›

Asher HaVon is the champion of The Voice 2024. The Selma, Alabama native emerges at the very top of his class in this 25th season of NBC's singing contest, winning Tuesday night's (May 21) all-star finale.

Who is the most successful winner of The Voice? ›

Former Hey Monday singer and season three champ Cassadee Pope, who won in December 2012, is still the most successful winner of "The Voice." Pope, 34, already had a following by the time she appeared on "The Voice," but she was competing in a completely new genre.

Why was Asher so blessed? ›

The Tribe of Asher is known for its prosperity and good food. The blessings in the Hebrew Bible indicate that the tribe had a fertile plot of land, where they grew olive trees. The olive oil production gained immense wealth for the tribe.

What was the inheritance of Asher? ›

Josh. 19:24-31. The inheritance given to the tribe of Asher. The fifth of the last seven tribes to receive a land inheritance was the tribe of Asher: “24 Now the fifth lot fell to the tribe of the sons of Asher according to their families.

Who is leaving The Voice in 2024? ›

John Legend joined The Voice as a part-time advisor on Season 12, and became a coach for Season 16, staying through Season 22. He left in Season 23, and returned for Season 24. He returned for Season 25, but will be leaving for the Fall 2024 season.

Why is John not returning to The Voice? ›

I'll be doing a lot of shows this summer and traveling overseas this summer," he told the publication. "I'll be back … If only I were actually going to take a break!" Despite the fact he won't be coaching on The Voice next season, John did disclose how he feels about Snoop and Michael joining the TV family.

Who is leaving The Voice in season 25? ›

Which Coaches Are Leaving The Voice After Season 25? Coaches John Legend, Chance the Rapper, and Dan + Shay will be stepping down after Season 25.

What do the kids win on The Voice? ›

Coaches. In early 2016, along with the announcement that The Voice UK would move to ITV for three years, it was announced that The Voice Kids had been ordered for two series. The winner will receive £30,000 and a family trip to Disneyland Paris. Unlike the adult version, there will be no knockouts rounds.

How much does The Voice coach win? ›

The other country coaches Dan + Shay work as a team and, according to Style Caster, they also make $13million. John Legend has spent nine seasons on the show, and he's also receiving $13million a season, as reported by OK.

What did Asher sing on The Voice? ›

Whitney Houston | The Voice Finale | NBC.

Who is Asher's coach on The Voice? ›

Asher HaVon, who was coached by country music legend Reba McEntire, won season 25 of The Voice.

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