Bui Scuff Defense (2024)

1. Buy Behr's Top-Rated Durable Paint | BEHR ULTRA® SCUFF DEFENSE

  • BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE Interior Extra Durable Flat Paint & Primer* empowers painters with the confidence to know they'll not only achieve the modern, flat ...

  • Explore BEHR ULTRA® SCUFF DEFENSE™ interior paints and order online or pick up at The Home Depot. Discover durable flat paint for high-traffic areas, family rooms, dining rooms and more.

2. BEHR ULTRA ® SCUFF DEFENSE ® Interior Extra Durable Flat No. 1720

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Bui Scuff Defense (2024)


Does Behr Scuff Defense need two coats? ›

Use BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE as a primer for properly prepared uncoated or painted interior surfaces, including woods that contain tannins (two primer coats required for redwood and cedar) and heavily stained areas. Lock in stains with BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE Paint as a spot primer.

How long does Behr Scuff Defense take to dry? ›

Thinning:Do not thin if using a roller or brush; however, if using a sprayer and thinning is required, thin with water at a rate of no more than 1/2 pint per gallon. Dry Time: @ 77°F & 50% RH To Touch:1 hour To Recoat: 2 hours Full Cure:4 weeks Dry times are temperature, humidity, and film thickness dependent.

Does Behr Scuff Defense have primer in it? ›

BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE Interior Extra Durable Flat Paint & Primer* empowers painters with the confidence to know they'll not only achieve the modern, flat look they desire, but also the protection they need for their high traffic areas.

Is Behr Scuff Defense flat washable? ›

This new product means paint professionals and DIYers will no longer need to decide between a design-forward flat finish, and a washable, long-lasting paint. Behr's new Scuff Defense Extra Durable Flat is non-reflective in appearance and provides an easy-clean finish, offering a great option for high-traffic spaces.

Is scuff resistant paint worth it? ›

A flat finish does a better job hiding surface imperfections, but has a reputation for being prone to scuffing. Scuff-resistant paint solves the problem. It ensures that surfaces in high traffic areas—like hallways where kids drag their hands along the wall—will stay looking good long after the paint dries.

How long to wait before applying a second coat of Behr paint? ›

Let the coating dry. Coating will dry to touch in 1 hour, but allow at least 4-6 hours before deciding if a second coat is necessary. TIP: Certain colors may need more than one coat to achieve complete hide and coverage. Make sure that the surface is fully cured before use.

Do you need to sand between coats of Behr paint? ›

Lightly sand the surface between coats with fine sand paper (#400 grit). Remove all dust.

Can Behr scuff defense be used on cabinets? ›

Durability. It is, therefore vital to evaluate this paint to see if it holds up to the oils that will inevitably be on the kitchen cabinets. I primed/lacquered a piece of mahogany wood with shellac primer. Next, I applied two coats of Behr's Scuff Defense, Cabinet & Trim, and Dynasty and let them cure for 28 days.

How many years does Behr paint last? ›

Average Lifespan

Behr's water-based paints, for example, should be good for two years, says Ed Edrosa, senior project manager at Behr.

Is Behr Ultra Scuff Defense Acrylic? ›

BEHR ULTRA® Scuff DefenseTM offers a 100% acrylic stain-blocking paint & primer formula incorporating the breakthrough innovative Scuff Defense Technology, while delivering a STAYS LOOKING NEW LONGERR Finish for excellent durability.

Is Behr Ultra Scuff Defense low in VOC? ›

Tintable to a Full Range of Colors: Expands color options. Enhanced Mildew Resistant Paint Finish: Provides effective protection from mold and mildew on the dried paint film. Low VOC (< 50 g/L excluding colorants): Meets the most stringent VOC regulations nationwide.

What kind of paint is scuff resistant? ›

Scuff-X® Interior paint is a revolutionary, single-component paint that resists scuffing before it starts.

Will Magic Eraser clean flat paint? ›

Yes. A Magic Eraser can remove dirt and scuff marks from flat paint. Simply glide the sponge across the stains, and stains may instantly disappear. When using a Magic Eraser for cleaning flat paint walls, follow up by wiping with an absorbent white towel to blot away any residue.

What paint finish is best for scuff marks? ›

Eggshell paint is more washable than flat sheens, and it resists stains and scuffs.

Does Behr paint prevent mold? ›

And, with copper's antimicrobial properties, BEHR COPPER FORCE Interior Paint resists the growth of mold and mildew.

Does Behr paint require two coats? ›

3) Applying over heavy stains, which may require spot priming, multiple coats, and/or longer dry time. Two coats are also recommended for optimal durability when painting exterior surfaces.

How do you know if you need two coats of paint? ›

Although you may get away with one coat when just refreshing your white ceiling, two coats will really give a bright and fresh finish. If you're painting your ceiling a bolder or brighter colour, you'll definitely want two coats of paint, potentially more if the colour change is dramatic.

Is a second coat of paint always necessary? ›

We've all heard paint manufacturers claim “one coat coverage” but is it really true? As a rule of thumb, you should always expect to apply two coats of paint regardless of what the label says.

Should I do two coats of trim paint? ›

You'll only need one coat of primer, but plan on applying two (possibly three) coats of paint when painting baseboards and trim, and be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before moving onto the next.

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